What Is Embodied Leadership?

Embodied leadership is a radically different way to lead. A methodology and change theory that views the individual as an integrated mind, body, and spirit, it utilizes the whole body, not just the mind, as an essential place of intelligence, learning, and change. Read more »

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What I Do

Embodied leadership coaching For organizations

Organizational Programs

Embodied leadership coach Dr. Bennett creates leadership programs for organizations on a range of relevant topics, including effectively managing change and transition, team building, emotional, social and cultural intelligence, and communication and relationship skills. Read more »
Embodied leadership coaching For individuals

Individualized Leadership Coaching

Working with executives and mid-level managers, Dr. Bennett creates individualized plans to build their strategic leadership capacities, and build the communication skills that will enable them to stay present and responsive in today’s complex workplace. Read more »
Embodied leadership coaching for universities

University Seminars

Dr. Bennett designs and delivers courses and workshops on developing embodied leadership within executive education programs, academic departments of higher education, and multidisciplinary university leadership initiatives. Read more »

What My Clients Say

Columbia University Teachers College Columbia University Teachers College
New York University New York University
University of St. Thomas University of St. Thomas
Stanford University Stanford University
DLA Piper DLA Piper
Gibney Dance Gibney Dance
Natural Resources Defense Council Natural Resources Defense Council
European Leadership University European Leadership University