March 23-24, 2018
New York University Women’s Leadership Retreat

Embodied Leadership: Building the Capacity for Mindfulness in Action

This retreat is designed to equip and empower women to achieve their personal and professional ambitions. Established and aspiring women leaders across all sectors are invited to experience this Embodied Leadership program which offers a bold new approach to learning to lead.
April 9-10, 2018, 9AM-5PM
Teachers College, Columbia University
525 West 120 Street
New York, NY 10027-6696

Women Leaders: Mastering Authenticity, Influence, and Power through Embodied Leadership

Developing powerful women leaders has never been more important or relevant. This 2-day, non-credit, experiential workshop explores Embodied Leadership, a radically different way of learning to lead. Particularly significant for women leaders, this body/mind approach enables women to experience the body as a source of intelligence and power in ways that directly impact their ability to act with agency, develop a consistent voice, and take a stand for self and others.